Welcome to smashingfoods.asia, I am Zinc Chuang and I live in a colorful, multicultural island called Georgetown in Malaysia (or mostly known as ‘Penang’). I am currently working as full-time programmer but seriously I think my life is quite boring and dull. I wish to do something I am passionate about during my free time and making my life more meaningful and challenging. This is the main reason why I created this food blog to share the Asian recipes.

Why Asian recipes?

Smashingfoods.asia is a food blog that creates or introduces recipes mostly from Asian countries. This means you will see a lot of Asian ingredients like ginger, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, rice, shaoxing wine, or Indian spices in the recipes. But why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Living in Malaysia, it is much more easier to get the Asian food ingredient compared to Western food ingredient. Imagine that I might need to travel to several convenience stores just to get a piece of goat cheese and sometimes you will be very frustrated when it is out of stock when you need it.
  2. Growing up as an Asian, I know how exactly a yummy ‘nasi lemak’ should taste like so it sounds legitimate if I am going to share the Asian recipes to y’all. But it doesn’t mean that I am not good in creating Western recipes, I just think I’m more confident on delivering something from where I grew up.
  3. Having an ‘asia’ word on the domain name did limit us from introducing recipes from other cuisine, but that won’t limit my creativity on cooking, I can still deliver a fusion dish by combining elements of Asian cuisine into another cuisine (says, Italian, French, or Western).
  4. I remember the time when I watched a cooking show called MasterChef Australia, I was kind of surprised when the contestants could cook Asian recipes because all this while I thought white guys cannot accept certain Asian ingredients like Thai fish sauce (fishy taste) or shrimp paste (strong smell). But it turned out that quite a lot of them love Asian foods, so it gave me an idea to create a food blog that will share all Asian recipes in English language so that I can connect all Asian food lovers around the world in one place.
  5. Many western food recipes depend heavily on the usage of oven to complete the dish. As I don’t own a big enough yet powerful oven in my house, let’s just skip that and use gas stove.

Anyway, this blog is still very very new and there are not much stories or achievements I can share here. So I hope my recipes will reach your expectation and you enjoy cooking it. If you enjoy cooking the recipe, please leave your review and rating on the comment section.

Thanks for reading.
– Zinc Chuang