Vegan shiitake mushroom udon noodle soup for weeknight meal plan

Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Udon Noodle Soup

It’s been a while since my last recipe post as I was busy looking for the new co-working space. Lucky enough I managed to get a new space before leaving a space that I’ve stayed for 2.5 years. This week we’re going to learn a Japanese recipe – Shiitake Mushroom […]

Mixed vegetables curry recipe for vegans and vegetarians

Mixed Vegetables Curry

Mixed vegetables curry is a traditional Indian onion-tomato gravy cooked with a mixture of vegetables altogether. As the dish is quite nutritious, you can always have your own selection of vegetables. It can be seasonal vegetables or common vegetables like eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower, snake beans, carrot, peas, radish, potato, tomato, onion etc.